May 27, 2016 by LYNNE KAYENNE - No Comments

The majority of people aren’t able to live out their dreams and achieve them because they don’t have clearly defined goals. Don’t get me wrong, they may have some sort of clue and maybe aware of what they want, but have failed to define their goals in clear, compelling and measurable terms. Often what such people have are wishful thoughts. For instance, “oh I wish I was had more money, I wish I had a car; I wish I had a good job” etc but how much more money would you like to make? How is your subconscious mind supposed to know? You need to be specific e.g. You would like to make 500 pounds more this month than you did last month. What this does is give you the opportunity to strategise, working more hours or getting an extra job at the weekend. Being specific about what car you want, would be as detailed as knowing the colour, the number plate, right down to the chromes on the car wheels. All these nitty gritty details are so important. The same goes for the specifics of the future that you desire.Check it out DREAMCHASERS:8 WAYS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.