June 6, 2016 by LYNNE KAYENNE - No Comments

Having a Burning desire to achieve success is not a new theory. It has been mentioned in books, motivational conferences and celebrity interviews. Anthony Robbins, the world-renowned motivational speaker who prides himself on changing mindsets also teaches Burning desire as a means of achieving one’s goals. Not only does he speak about it he puts the theory into practice, as seen when he coached Brooke Shield’s ex husband, the world famous tennis player, Andre Agassi. After a huge decline in his career, which saw him drop from number 1 to number 49 in the world rankings, Anthony Robbins helped Andre regain his position as the number 1 tennis player in the world. Andre had already been a champion and could have easily given up and moved on with his life but his burning desire to regain his status prompted him to seek out Anthony Robbins to help him fulfill his Goal.Check it out DREAMCHASERS:8 WAYS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.