July 11, 2016 by LYNNE KAYENNE - No Comments

Robyn Fenty (RIHANNA) the super rich and famous Barbadian superstar had a dream that to some would seem unrealistic. She had always sang to her friends and family however she didn’t audition at talent contests, post song covers on youtube or showcase her talents at local gigs. However, What Robyn did was visualise the nitty gritty details of her dream coming true. At the same time she focused on the careers of her favourite celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Mariah Carey and cut out articles from magazines and papers that she pasted close to her bed to help her visualise the dream she was chasing. Robyn was clear, hopeful and extremely confident about her dreams even though she had no idea how she would achieve them. Don’t get me wrong, she practiced her vocals and sang all the time but Barbados is a small community and her DREAM of super stardom was BIG and some might have thought impossible. What Robyn did was visualise herself making it on a global scale as well as holding an unshakeable belief that nothing is impossible. Her dream was so real in her mind before anyone else saw it coming.

Robyn visualised with self-confidence and within time an opportunity presented itself. Her friend introduced her to Evan Rogers; a record producer from NY (Producer of Boy Zone, Eternal, ’N Sync and Christina Aguilera)who was vacationing in Barbados with his wife. The minute he heard her sing he knew she was going to be incredibly successful. Despite Rihanna auditioning with a group of friends, Evan Rogers saw only one star. He only saw Robyn, that day a superstar was born, that day Robyn from Barbabos was on a journey that would involve the fulfillment of dreams to becoming the Suparstar we have grown to love known as Rihanna or Rih pac as she loves to call herself. She seized the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands and before long had moved to the United States of America where she became the huge global star we know today. The transition was never easy. She released ‘Music of the Sun’ in 2005 which had some commercial success but there were a few negative headlines accusing Rihanna of being a one-hit wonder. Despite this she worked really hard and fast forwarding to 2013 has managed to produce 5 albums in 5 consecutive years that have all been massively successful and has just released her 8th album#ANTI. What Rihanna did was utilise the power of visualisation to get where she wanted to be.