April 26, 2017 by LYNNE KAYENNE - No Comments

Cookie monsters across the globe went into a frenzy when actress Taraji P. Henson admitted during a recent interview that her role as Cookie Lyon on Fox’s Empire was draining and that she couldn’t see herself in that role forever.

“I could not do this forever. No. Cookie wears me out!” Said Taraji during an interview with Variety magazine. “She drains me. She is emotionally all over the place. Those writers, they just keep pushing my emotions with every episode. By the 18th episode [of each season], I’m dead. I got to get far away. I don’t wear animal print. I cut my hair into a bob. I don’t wear a weave because I’ve got to get as far away from Cookie as possible.”

Asked how long she wanted ‘Empire’ to stay on-air, which is currently on it’s forth season, Taraji said once the show got syndicated. “Once it’s syndicated — and then I’m like, ‘Thank you. Goodnight!’”


“I learned this from the women of ‘Sex and the City’ — you’ve got to know when to go out. You don’t want to overstay your welcome. You want to go out on a high. You want to be remembered as the number one show on network. “I’m going to lose my passion, I know me. And Cookie is enough. I can’t do that for so long.”