March 3, 2019 by Lynne Kayenne - No Comments

Hi guys!!!! WE MADE IT!!!! *Beyonce voice* 2 months of 2019 GUUUUUYYYYYYSSSSSS!! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I got ready for my New Year’s Eve with NUME and posted across all my social media leading up to the big event. In 2018, my New Years resolutions were to be more honest with myself, to try and operate at my most authentic, loving myself to no end and being the best version of myself. These are still the ultimate goals for 2019 and it seems NUME got the memo lol. They tapped into my subconscious and contacted me to collaborate with them.


On New Years Eve I was heading to Shoreditch House so wanted to wear my curls. I decided that I wanted a bouncy afro…something laissez faire but glamorous and the blow dryer came through. I washed my hair, brushed it and applied some Nume Argan oil onto my curls then went ahead and started drying my hair with their super futuristic looking, state of the art hair dryer. The dryer is of salon quality and made it easy for me to style my hair and retain that bounce. Nume haircare products are salon-quality and you can see and feel the difference in the health of your hair. Their product range has been featured in Elle, Allure and used at New York FASHION WEEK and were voted Hollywood Beauty Awards brand in 2018.


I’ve been a huge fan of NUME for many years and already have their hair straighteners, curling wand and have been using their Argan Oil to get a beautiful sheen on both my hair and body. I wanted to spend some time using the Ionic hair dryer before posting to get a really good feel for the product and I haven’t been disappointed. It’s super versatile as you can use on a low setting or can dry your hair in seconds if you put it on high. As I mentioned , I have been doing self care which entails using a sauna and steam room once a week and have used the dryer regularly to get the feel and volume I’m looking for. The Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer has a beautiful design and is such good quality feels indestructible. It’s The designed for safe, healthy results using the best of infrared and ionic conditioning technology and has become a favourite of both top-tier professional stylists and those who simply want the best products for their hair.


Anyway, I was genuinely surprised at how easy this dryer is to use and how great it made my hair look and feel. It comes in a variety of styles and colours with different attachments designed to achieve your ideal blowout. I chose a matted black one to match my kitchen (no joke) as I aways get ready here and thought it would look great with the black and grey tones. So, head on over to the NUME website and go get yours.