May 18, 2014 by Lynne Kayenne - 2 Comments

Hi everyone, welcome to Populaire; a destination for popular fashion, the hottest celeb gossip and everything that makes up that Populaire life. The concept for Populaire was conceived a long time ago but I wasn’t sure I could run and maintain a blog until recent negative events in the work place made me realise I needed a positive outlet to express myself.  I needed a place I could be free to be creative, share my favourite fashion pieces, celebrity gossip and everything that I think goes to make up that Populaire life. The essence of Populaire is about living a fear free, limitless existence filled with ever evolving dreams.

The name is heavily borrowed from the movie of the same name which is about a 21 year old girl living in a sleepy French village with her widower father. Engaged to the son of a local mechanic, it seems her destiny is to spend the rest of her days bored as a housewife but she wants more out of life which is the essence of Populaire; a limitless life where Dreams come true if you work hard to make those Dreams a reality. I am aware there are tons of fashion blogs out there but mine is slightly different as it’s coming from the perspective of a Malawian who works in fashion. I have a professional understanding of accessories, street style and I’m able to forecast future trends by observing what’s on the catwalks.
On Populaire, I’ll also focus on black excellence. In my opinion, there’s not that many main stream TV, newspapers, catwalk shows or magazines that highlight successful black people and their dreams and aspirations. There are numerous successful black people, powerlist nominees, the Ozwald Boateng’s of the world and i hope to shine some light on their achievements .

I will try to infuse fashion, celeb gossip, holiday destinations, outfits of the day and mini interviews with stories of black excellence at least once a week and so far I have Bonang Matheba, Boity Thulo, Hakeem Kae Kazim and Ozwald Boateng on my rosta.
“life is sweeter with Populairelife”