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Voted South Africa’s sexiest woman, BOITY THULO is a force to be reckoned with. Talented actress, successful TV presenter, top model, fitness guru and a LEGEND in the making. I LOVE this girl, she is one of the biggest celebrities in South Africa and one of my favorites so when she agreed to do an interview for Populairelife, I was overjoyed.

1) To me you are the definition of a “Dream Catcher” Did you always know your purpose in life?

I don’t think anyone ever knows what their purpose in life is, until the find themselves doing something that they love. Everyone has ideas of what they want to do when they are younger, but people rarely land up doing just that. Being a Dream-Catcher is about finding opportunities, and seeking out chances to make your own dreams and passions come to life.

2) How did you make the move into acting and was it daunting?

I have always been obsessed with the idea of being an entertainer and being a part of the Television world from a very young age. I only realised that acting was a genuine passion and calling when I was in high school.


3) Have you faced any major setbacks on your road to success and how have you dealt with them?

Yes I have dealt with setbacks but as we all should know, those are opportunities for growth and to strengthen your spirit. God, My family and close friends are genuinely my back bone. I do not even want to imagine proceeding with my journey without their selflessness and compassion towards me.

4) What motivates and inspires you?

Family, friends, my own beliefs. Without those 3 important things, I would not be able to go out there and do what I love to do. They guide me, offer me with valuable advice and encouragement. Believing in yourself is one thing, but taking that step to do something about it is another.


5) You always look glamorous and well put together. What’s your favourite international retail store and why?

Ah, thanks! My favorite international retail store has to be Topshop. It has a beautiful variety of style. I think everyone can find something that suits their personality in TopShop. It’s brilliant!!!!


6) You are super famous in Africa. Do you have plans for Hollywood?

I would love to branch out into Hollywood, one day. However, in saying that, my heart will always be in Africa and if the opportunity came along, I would need to think long and hard about it. But in terms of developing my career, it would be something that would offer me growth and hopefully more success.

7) What are your future plans for brand Boity?

Hopefully everything FITNESS AND ACTING! I’m ecstatic about what is to come. I plan to open up my own Boity-inspired gym classes, which will be revealed in good time. I also want to do a few more movies and develop my acting career. Other than that, I just plan to build my brand, and be the best possible actress/MC/presenter and businesswoman possible.


8) Finally can I get a quote from you? Ideally, one that incorporates your ethos, your dreams and what you hope for in the future that can inspire budding entertainers out there.

Well, this is the advice I give to everyone for whatever it is they wish to achieve: do not allow anyone to convince you that your dream is not worth chasing. Only you, God and your heart know and understand the worth & importance of that dream. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dream and are willing to do whatever it takes to assist in making that dream become a reality. Do not confuse the universe – don’t pray for something and then act like u don’t believe that its going to happen. Assist God and the universe and take the necessary steps to making it happen. Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts and words. Speak your hopes and dreams into the world. And lastly – recognize, understand, appreciate your worth. :)