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He’s been named Britain’s first African-European action hero and tipped as a potential James Bond. He is no other than the London born actor, Treva Etienne. Treva has forged a successful career on stage, TV and in film appearing in the blockbuster movies, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Bad Boys II’, ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. His role on the hit show ‘24′ also adds to his wealth of television credits including ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Medium’, ‘Charmed’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Threat Matrix’. He is definitely going places so Populaire Life was excited to grab an interview with him in between his busy schedule.

What is it about Acting that gave you the burning desire to chase this Dream?

The freedom of expression! I find the craft is very addictive; I got addicted to it and to learning as much as I could about getting inside the character and trying to pull out the truth.

I love seeing black talent at the forefront of entertainment. How resistant is Hollywood at letting people of color through the door?

 They’ve done a great job but there is always room for improvement.


You have been in HUGE blockbusters such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Bad Boys II’, ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut. What was it like working with the Likes of Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Tom Cruise?

 It was great; they are all really cool guys to work along side; very professional. It’s always a great experience to work with actors who are extremely generous about sharing their craft.

You work in both film and theatre and you also write and direct. What do you like doing the most?

 I like it all, it’s hard to choose a favourite. They all give different rewards and each is equally satisfying in its own way



Where do you get the inspiration from for all your creative work and what motivates you?

 Life and History is my inspiration. I would also say watching young ones working things out inspires me; if you watch a kid try to figure something out like a puzzle it really effects you!

Are you interested in fashion, and if so how important is it to you?

 Yes, I love fashion! I would say I have my own sweet smelling style, where I like playing around with different looks. You will rarely see me in the same outfit more than once.


Which one of your many achievements are you most proud of and why?

I would say doing Macbeth at the National theatre at the age of 21 with PeterGuild directing. I would say this was a highlight as it was an opportunity to play a Shakespearean role with a great cast and director, I learnt a lot.

What are your future plans?

You can expect more exciting and interesting roles in television, film and theatre.

Finally can I get a quote from you? Ideally, one that incorporates your ethos, your dreams and what you hope for in the future that might inspire budding actors.

 ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.