January 17, 2015 by LYNNE KAYENNE - 2 Comments

I wanted to use this post as a way to RE-INTRODUCE myself. January is about new beginnings so I hope you have a glass of something strong to drink because this post will be a bit longer and soapy!!! Yaaaas who doesn’t like a bit of Generations, East Enders Hollyoaks Coronation street?…you know what I’m sayin’ ?
WHO I AM I? I want to take it back to basics, back to the beginning. I am a fashion obsessed Malawian!!!! Born in Malawi but internationally bred. My father was a diplomat…..I am not boasting, it was his job people so I got the opportunity to live in Ivory Coast, Tunisia and England. I think I am very much Malawian in everything I do, in my food choices, in the way I think and I am proud of being Malawian and to be part of a people with such a rich and vibrant culture. Of course the other cultures I’ve lived in have also added to the mix helping me become sensitive to diversity and respectful of people that are different to me. But growing up outside of my home country has had it’s “cry for an hour” moments. Not being able to see your family as you wish, the weather and missing other perks of being in Malawi you know?


My mom has always been my fashion hero and for me, I’ve always cared about creatively putting together outfits that best represented me. Having gone to a big boarding school, I had early access to multiple cultural influences and diverse wardrobe choices from my international friends. We borrowed each others clothes and mixed so many different styles and looks that I really think that’s when I really started to think about fashion, not just as a way to cover up our nakedness but as a way of life. I love a little piece of designer here and there but my main obsession is the high street, especially the sales. If you have read my blog, you will realize that I get a lot of clothes in the sale, but I don’t buy blindly, I will first look at the colourways, styles, shapes and structures that I have in my closet and see what I can add. Below are my favourite looks from 2014, I hope 2015 brings me more creativity in my styling, in my writing and to connect more with you guys on twitter and instagram.
Lynne KayenneIMG_0818