March 22, 2015 by LYNNE KAYENNE - 55 Comments

Hi everyone, I had an exciting day on Friday. If you’re like me, working 9-5 but also trying to stay on top of your other stuff…for me the blogging game, it’s difficult to find the time to squeeze everything into to that small window called ‘your day off’ :( My day started with a casting in Soho. My agency, MOT Models had booked me in for a commercial casting for Esprit.I’ve been to a lot of castings and they always involve a lot anxiety, stress and waiting around usually surrounded by lots of beautiful confident people. But they are still are also a great opportunity to meet kindred spirits who like me don’t think they are God’s gift to humanity but are trying to live out their Dreams in a very competitive industry.

For the casting I wore a denim Tommy Hilfiger menswear shirt, Navy jeans from Primark, my Janet Jackson cap from New Look that caused a bit of a hoopla at the casting, I also wore my New Look boots, my faveee and familiar leather jacket rounded off by my fave bag my twin sister got me for my birthday. This bag gets so much coverage it’s going to end up with it’s own blog lol. The casting went really well, Thank God!!! but I was asked some tough questions i.e whether I thought I was ‘perfect or imperfect?’ My response was that I thought I was ‘perfectly imperfect’ which got a laugh from the director. Casting over, I headed over to meet my hubby at the Soho House where we spent a lot of time discussing life, the universe and my casting over a large glass of rose. Then we went to Burger and Lobster in Dean Street for a gorgeous meal of guess what? Burger and Lobster all washed down with some rose champagne. Fingers crossed I get the commercial but I had a great day anyway.