March 31, 2015 by LYNNE KAYENNE - 30 Comments

Hi everyone, can’t believe it is the 1st of May……sorry April lol, this year is going so damn quick it’s scary!!! 2016 will be here and before we know it we will be re-evaluating our 2015 resolutions. If you read my last post here you’ll know I had a casting for an Esprit commercial which many of you wished me luck on my INSTAGRAM. Unfortunately I didn’t get the commercial which is ok because it is a highly competitive industry and I didn’t fit the description of what they were looking for. This Malawian wasn’t upset about losing out on this big gig because my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to give everything extra LOVE AND ATTENTION. I gave the casting my best and when you give something your best and it doesn’t happen I believe it means it wasn’t meant to be. I also have a feeling that bigger & better things are coming my way. I was actually in work when my agent emailed to let me know I hadn’t got the commercial so after work, I headed home, ordered a takeaway and watched two brilliant space films back to back, Interstellar and Gravity!! They were amazing and got me obsessed with space and the universe. I was like a little child in a candy store. There is something euphoric and magical about earth, space and the universe that makes you realize there are bigger things in life than a casting. One day I hope to ask God how he kept it all a secret from us.