April 29, 2015 by LYNNE KAYENNE - 16 Comments

Hi everyone!!! How are you doing? I hope you are having a fabulous week. so, If you follow me on Instagram you will know that this Malawian is in Paris…… for Birthday shenanigans, as you read on you will notice that I have a guest on the blog in form of my twin sister Kate. Oui Oui I am a twin and have been meaning to bring her onto the blog for ages but we just haven’t been able to due to geographical reasons….. she Lives in Leeds and as you know I live in Nottinghill, London. Let’s blame geography anyway, Kate and I planned this whole Paris trip to the nines but this is by no means a guide to Paris lol our Hotel is in the gorgeous St Germains area which has the some amazing french restaurants, shops, nail bars and pharmacies.On our first outing yesterday, Kate and I decided to go get our nails, eyebrows, massages and also went shopping. I enjoyed every bit of it all especially the shopping in H&M. The FASHION here is avant garde, I am not sure if H&M Paris has the same fashion buyers as say a H&M in London but the vibe and the general mood of the clothes is more chic, they have better selections here! I was very inspired, impressed and excited by what I saw and managed to buy a few pieces which I will post on the blog soon. in this Post I am wearing Topshop everything and Primark shoes and Kate is wearing shoes primark, bag warehouse, shades H&M, Jumper H&M and shorts Primark.. Kate and I are having way too many laughs that I have considered documenting a lot of our adventures in video form for youtube, don’t know if this Malawian is cray! does any of you have youtube? please drop me links to your channels so I can watch in between sightseeing.
Have a great week xx