May 18, 2015 by LYNNE KAYENNE - 5 Comments

A couple of days ago I was invited to a press day by Caption PR held at a cool gallery called ‘Different’ just off Oxford Circus. Usually press days run from 9am and are finished by 6pm but this event ran until 9pm so as soon as I finished work I ran to the tube station with my camera in hand.The presentation at the gallery was clean and luxurious.They had some gorgeous chunky black and gray loose fitting jumpers with HOPE & LOVE engraved on them. STUDIO COLLECTION also showcased their Autumn Winter collection (available to view at their stand alone store in Camden. My favourite Brand at the press day was Zashadu, a luxury accessories brand by Nigerian designer ZAINAB ZASHADU. I love seeing African people do their thing…it’s why I started this blog in the first place because I wanted to shine a light on black people that have Dreams and are striving to achieve them. Caption PR also represents an accessories brand called NUNKIS. I fell in love with their rare fish scale patterned clutch bag as it had a luxurious texture that was super glam. Also on show was exquisite silver jewelry by Mariella Pilato which was to die for.