Introducing Lynne Kayenne


Who is Lynne Kayenne? The answer to that is I’m a dreamer…not just any dreamer but an inspired and fashion obsessed Malawian dreamer!!!!

I’ve been writing since I can remember and I’ve always wanted to blog but the time just didn’t feel right until now.  I needed to learn more about the things I wanted to blog about so concentrated on my day job of being a fashion stylist to better understand trends, accessories, street style and what was happening on the catwalks.
But then in 2011, I was invited to be a guest blogger on the Italian fashion site where I wrote articles and did exclusive interviews with fashion designers, my favourite being with up and coming talent Christian Blanken who has dressed the likes of Rita Ora and Cheryl Cole.

My pieces didn’t just focus on fashion but combined it with inspirational, uplifting and motivational stories aimed to resonate with the reader and hopefully help them believe, like me, that they can achieve their dreams and that “Everything is Possible”.

Blogging for Dario was a challenge but provided me with great opportunities to immerse myself in the fashion world, attending Fashion Weeks in London and Paris and meeting and writing about designers, pushing me to improve my writing, I joined a local writing class in Notting Hill and published my book, ‘Dreamchasers: 8 Ways To Make It Happen’.

I also continued to write and pitch television proposals for an independent TV production company but still wasn’t sure I could run a blog until recent events in the work place made me realise I needed a positive outlet to express myself.  I needed a place I could call home, a place where I was free to be creative, share my favorite fashion pieces, celebrity gossip and popular things that might inspire others to live the populaire life.  This is the essence of Populaire.  It’s about living a fear free, limitless life filled with ever evolving dreams.